Change of Entry Details

Your team captain (person who created and paid for the team) is able to change your team nameteam category and who is doing what leg of the race any time – it’s easy!

1/ Log back into your team entry HERE

2/ Click on the hyperlink to your entry under your name on the left-hand side menu

3/ Update any details and click on the blue ‘Update’ button at the bottom of the page. You are done!

If you want to replace a team member, please email [email protected] so that we can remove the team member before you register your new team mate. If you want to move from a team entry to individual entry or vice versa, please contact [email protected] 


To add a team member to a team you can either:

1/ Ask them to register themselves – ensure you provide them with your team code so they can add it in the entry system when prompted


1/ Register for them by logging into your entry (‘Enter Now’) and clicking ‘Regsiter someone else’.

2/ Set-up a profile for the new team mate

3/ Add your team code when prompted in the code box at the top right of teh screen.

4/ Follow the process through to the confirmation screen and you’re done!

Please complete all team entries prior to 8:00am AEDT Tuesday 29 October. After this date, a $10 fee will apply for any changes or additions to team entries.

For any other entry changes, please email [email protected].