Cut Off Times

The following cut off times form part of the Augusta Adventure Fest Race Rules and will be strictly enforced!

Augusta Premier Adventure Race:

  • End Run – 10:30am (i.e. 2hrs 30min after starting)
  • End Ocean Swim – 11:35am (i.e. 1 hour and 5 minutes for 2km swim)
  • End Inlet and Ocean Paddle – 2:00pm (i.e. 2 hours 25min for 13km)

Cheeky Monkey Mini Adventure Race:

  • End Swim – 11:25am (i.e. 55mins for 1km)
  • End Run #1 – 12:30pm (i.e. 65mins for 6.5km)
  • End MTB – 2:00pm (i.e. 90mins for 15km)


  • For teams who do not make the published cut off times, the next team member will be allowed to continue at the published cut off time but will be an unranked competitor.
  • All team members are still required to gather for the team run. E.g. if an athlete finishes their leg 10 minutes AFTER the cut-off, their next team member will have already been sent off at the cut-off. The person who missed the cut-off will still be required to get him/herself to the final transition area for the team run.
  • Individuals who miss a cut off may elect to miss the next leg and continue the race unranked
  • If you cannot complete a leg or are forced to stop or withdraw from a leg the following procedures will be followed:
  • You will not be permitted to return to that discipline but you can recommence the event with the next leg as an unranked competitor.
  • If you have been rescued on the water, you will be taken to the nearest beach or transition area. Or if you withdraw from the leg by landing on the beach please ensure you advise a race official of your location and condition as soon as possible – this will save us looking for you unnecessarily.